We are a church with a focused mission. Our mission is about more than growing a bigger congregation or building a big building. It's about building an honest to goodness vibrant community of diverse disciples who can be the hands and feet of Jesus. We believe as followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to love and serve the community that surrounds us as we grow closer in our personal relationship with God. Lee's Summit Missional Church is non-denominational.

Is LSMC a white church? Black church? Traditional church? Contemporary church? Nope. Ours is an indiscriminate community, and we believe God wants it that way. A snapshot of our planet from God's view doesn't include just one type of believer from one demographic. The diversity of the human race is all part of God's plan and his dynamic masterpiece. We believe in the almighty power of God to break down the barriers that separate his people and we believe that his amazing, steadfast love has the power to unify the Church and all its people as one body. We are all one through Jesus.

What makes LSMC different? Let's be REAL (like really real). We are an active church that participates in serving and loving people fearlessly. That includes you, wherever you currently may be at in your relationship with God. We hope you're excited about belonging to a church that is open to having honest conversations about the big issues confronting our world and bridging the gaps to create new, meaningful relationships. Come to the table just as you are and let's talk about our faith, the Bible, what Jesus did for you, and what we can do in response to God's grace.


The Bible tells us how important communal worship is to God and for our relationship with him. Here's a great explanation. When you visit us, be prepared to join us in worship. We have a gifted and humble worship ministry team of servant leaders and not superstars. Our worship music style tends to lean towards contemporary gospel, but we incorporate many styles of worship music at Lee's Summit Missional Church.


Our sermons are about what the timeless Word of God means to us still today. Sermon messages are relevant, Bible based, and centered around equipping you for your life here today and tomorrow. We share Communion on the 1st Sunday of every month and visitors are welcome.


We are a growing church that believes in the importance of growing disciples of all ages. We believe it is important for children and teens to feel connected and to be a part of the larger congregation for Worship, Communion, and etc. Children and teens are welcome to stay with their families throughout the entire Sunday service, or join in a class during the sermon. These classes provide Biblical, age-appropriate teaching, activities, and discussion opportunities to grow and share God's love.

We offer two classes:

  • PULSE is for youth ages 11 and up
  • Explorers is for ages 10 and under.

We hope your family will join us for worship this Sunday. Please contact us if you have any questions.