Virtual Bible Study
Thursday, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM , Zoom App

Zoom LSMC Bible Study  

The Book Of Revelation

We started our new Bible study last at 7pm. Join us next week! We using a new Bible Study format. We will no longer broadcast the study on facebook live, we will study via Zoom privately amongst our church congregation.

About Zoom:

Zoom is a free video conferencing tool for people to download and join the meetings by your computer or smartphone.

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Facilitators: Pastor Corey and Pastor Earl 

Topic: The study will be on The Book of Revelation and we will use as a guide to the study a book called: Four Views On The Book Of Revelation. Did the Apocalypse happen already, or are these events to come? Join us as we will explore these questions and more as we dig into this fascinating book of Scripture.

You can order the book or e-book on Amazon by clicking here.

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